OMMS expectations on behavior during Virtual Learning

Thu, 09/24/2020 - 2:07pm

As we continue with virtual learning, we would like to share with you OMMS expectations on behavior during class:


  • Adhere to HCPSS Student Code of Conduct, especially paying attention to  Policy 8080 Responsible Use Technology and Social Media and other relevant HCPSS policies.
  • Follow the school’s values of Ready, Responsible and Respectful
    • Ready - have necessary materials, google meet codes, and be on time for class
    • Responsible - turning in assignments, engaging in class discussions, participating in class
    • Respectful - using appropriate language in the google chats, supporting peers and teachers
  • Students will only be permitted into a Google Meet session with a HCPSS account.  All students can be identified through their HCPSS account.
  • Inappropriate/offensive/threatening comments, misrepresentation of identity, and/or disruptive participants (invited or uninvited) during Google Meet sessions will not be tolerated.
  • Sharing login information violates the confidentiality rights of other students and places them at risk of having to witness disruptive behaviors from students who are not members of the class or school community. 
  • Students who are disruptive and/or “trespass” Google Meet sessions will be immediately reported to administration and will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the HCPSS Code of Conduct.  Consequences may result in temporary or permanent loss of technology access, which will also result in a student's inability to participate in Google Meet sessions; arrangement for receiving instruction and assignments will be established by administration communicated and arranged with parents.